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Vizsla Details -  ID: 37
Background: The Vizsla is an athletic dog that enjoys outdoor activities. Vizslas thrive on being part of the family, which is why they don't tend to roam. He is an excellent retrieving gun dog, enjoying the thrill of...More »
Weimaraner Details -  ID: 36
Background: The Weimaraner is a versatile, all-around dog. He enjoys family life and playing with children, as well as hunting, retrieving, scenting, and trailing. He is a high-energy dog with the need for direction o...More »
Welsh Corgi, Pembroke Details -  ID: 80
Welsh Corgi, Pembroke
General Appearance: Low-set, sturdy, and active. Bold, but kindly; intelligent and interested. Thick, glossy double coat, with the softer layer underneath. It sheds year round. Brush about every other day. Size, ...More »
West Highland White Terrier Details -  ID: 35
West Highland White Terrier
General Appearance: The West Highland is a spirited, sturdy, compact terrier who possesses a unique double coat of coarse long hair over a soft undercoat. Size, Proportion, and Substance: Males 11 inches, females 10 i...More »
Yorkshire Terrier Details -  ID: 34
Yorkshire Terrier
General Appearance: The tiny Yorkshire Terrier has a fine, silky coat of blue and tan that requires daily brushing. Size, Proportion, and Substance: The Yorkshire Terrier stands less than 9 inches tall at the withers ...More »
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