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Beagle : Breed Summary

 - ID: 100


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General Appearance: Solid and sturdy, with gentle, pleading expression. They can be any hound color, but are usually tan, black and white.

Size, Proportion, and Substance: There are two types of Beagles-those under 13 inches high at the withers and those over 13 inches high, but no higher than 15 inches. Size is the only difference.

Background: Who can resist the sad eyes of a beagle pup? Contrary to appearance, Beagles are very happy-go-lucky dogs! Eager to please and in love with the world, don't expect this pup to keep strangers out of your home. Beagles are inquisitive, making them the ideal companion for young children. Beagles long for companionship so they do best in a multiple dog household. Their curious nature may lead them off your property, so Beagles should always be supervised outdoors.