Lhasa Apso : Breed Summary
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Lhasa Apso

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General Appearance: Bold and happy, but wary of strangers.

Size, Proportion, and Substance: Height-about 10 or 11 inches at the withers; females slightly smaller.

Background: The Lhasa Apso, with its small stature and long silky coat, should not be mistaken for a pampered lap dog. They are protective of family and dignified in displays of affection. Lhasa's are trainable with repetition and patience, but spoiling your Lhasa may lead to behavior problems. Lhasa Apsos are playful and independent. Lhasas will not tolerate being handled roughly by young children, so supervision is necessary when the two are together. Their coats need daily care if left long or grooming every 2-3 months to keep short.