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Irish Setter : Breed Summary

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Irish Setter

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General Appearance: Substantial yet elegant, the Irish Setter has a long, lean face and body. Their deep mahogany coat is of moderate length except on their head and forelegs where it is short and fine.

Size, Proportion, and Substance: Height - Males 27 inches at the withers; Females 25 inches at the withers. Weight - Males around 70 pounds; Females around 60 pounds.

Background: The Irish Setter is a good choice for a sweet, affectionate member of the sporting group. Exercise is key to a balanced temperament. Irish setters are high energy and they much prefer country living to city life. They are a very smart breed but can be stubborn so firm training is required to convince them who's the boss. Irish Setters have very people-oriented, outgoing personalities and make loving children's companions.