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Bullmastiff : Breed Summary

 - ID: 89


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General Appearance: Powerfully built, but active. Short dense coat. Weekly brushing will keep it in order.

Size, Proportion, and Substance: Height-males, 25 to 27 inches at the withers; females, 24 to 26 inches. Weight-males, 110 to 130 lbs.; females, 100 to 120 lbs.

Background: The Bullmastiff is a levelheaded, steady dog. Due to his size and strength, the Bullmastiff needs an experienced dog owner, and early obedience training is a must. He gets along with other family pets and loves children. Bullmastiffs are brave and protective. He saves his deep bark for really important matters. The Bullmastiff is a loyal watchdog and will protect his family with his life. He is suspicious of other dogs and strangers until introductions have been made. He is a mellow dog and well manned indoors.