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Bichon Frise : Breed Summary

 - ID: 98

Bichon Frise

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General Appearance: Small, cheerful, with a jaunty and inquisitive expression. Curly coat does not shed.

Size, Proportion, and Substance: Height - 9 1/2 to 11 1/2 inches at the withers is preferred; 9 to 12 inches is allowed. Weight 12 - 18 pounds.

Background: This little dog really is a powder puff. Bichons are charming and affectionate, for them its always love at first sight. They make wonderful pets for children as they enjoy being held and cradled, but will play if given any opportunity. Always a favorite of grown-ups as well, Bichon Frise do not shed. They are hypo-allergenic, so they are ideal for people with pet allergies. His coat should be brushed daily and cut every 6-8 weeks.